6 Ways to Make a Small Balcony Your Favorite Place in Apartment

The balcony often looks like a wretched appendage: tiny, cluttered, and completely unfit for human habitation. These tips will help you turn it into a functional and comfortable space where it will be not only possible but also pleasant to spend time.

  1. Get rid of the rubbish

As a rule, the main problem of the balcony is not even in size, but in the fact that it is used as a cemetery of forgotten things. So the first step is to review things and dispose of broken grandfather’s skis, empty carton used for household appliances packing, and other things that should long be thrown in the trash.

The second step is to organize a storage system. Fix shelves, put a rack, and make anchors on the walls so that you can hang, for example, a bicycle.

Even a cupboard, although it can overload a small balcony space, will still look neater than a pile of rubbish.

  1. Visually expand the space 

Mirror and glossy surfaces and light colors visually enhance the space. Use them in the interior design, and the balcony will not seem so tiny.

Given the fact that the balcony often has an elongated shape, you can also use some  design tips on how to visually expand small rooms. For example, lay emphasis on one of the narrow walls or use horizontal lines. Moreover, try not to overload the balcony with massive furniture.

  1. Choose furniture wisely

Folding or multifunctional furniture is ideal for a balcony. The first can be folded, thus, it immediately clears some space. In addition, such furniture usually does not look bulky. Multifunctional furniture (for example, seats with storage spaces) greatly simplifies your life and saves precious centimeters. 

Also, you should pay attention to suspended structures. This is no less convenient and compact option.

  1. Add comfort

The balcony often looks uninhabited precisely because it is destitute of common decor elements. Add lighting (lamps, garlands, or candles), fresh flowers, carpets, pillows, and paintings – and the room will immediately play out in fresh colors.

  1. Use the windowsill

It can be turned into a bar counter or an additional shelf. The option with a stylized mini-bar is perfect for creative and modern people. To implement this idea for balconies or loggias, you need just a regular windowsill, as well as several bar stools.

  1. Make the balcony a continuation of the apartment

The balcony can be combined with a kitchen, bedroom, or living room. If possible, you can tear down or shorten the wall separating them and add a few meters to the room. But even if the wall cannot be removed, the balcony can be a logical extension of the room. For example, in the case of a kitchen, you can place a refrigerator on the balcony, organize the storage of food provision, or equip a dining room there.

If the balcony is connected to another room of the house, you can equip there a working area or library. Put a comfortable rocking-chair, soft couch, atmospheric hammock or original hanging lounger and enjoy reading your favorite books!