5 Benefits of an office renovation

5 Benefits of an office renovation

An office refurbishment or renovation may seem like a monumental task to undertake, but a properly considered fit-out can bring about long-lasting benefits for a company and their employees.  In this post, we look at 5 benefits that our company could see from an office renovation in Singapore

Employee happiness

When we look at our office space it is important to take into account one key consideration – those who use it every day.  Our employees and their happiness can have an impact on our profits. 

It sounds simple, but companies should strive to make the working environment as comfortable as possible for their workers.  A well thought out office renovation can turn our existing office into a comfortable working environment that keeps our employees happy and motivated. Providing our workers with good furniture can help them feel that the company cares about their well-being.

Company image

Depending on our line of work our office may be the first thing a new client sees, so make sure that our office presents an image of the business how we want to be seen. An office renovation should incorporate our company branding and show clients that we care about how our business is seen by others.  For example, if we are a creative agency then clients will expect this to show through in our office space.

Company culture

When planning an office fit-out, it should be remembered that the design of our office, and how it is seen by our employees, will help to create a specific company culture.  The culture of a company will greatly influence employee happiness and productivity. If we feel like we currently do not have a strong company culture then we should consider designing our office with a specific theme that reflects our company’s beliefs and values.

The layout

We have brainstormed some ideas, and we have a vision of what we would like our office to look like.  Now it is important to consider the layout, so our employees can easily move around the office and utilize space efficiently.

As time goes by, an office can accumulate more and more unused furniture, boxes and documents.  Empty desks and old chairs can build up, so it is important to make sure that every piece of furniture serves a purpose. An office renovation is a perfect time to rethink the entire layout of the office and where departments and personnel are located.  Whether we are buying new furniture or reusing our existing, utilizing space to its full potential is a key consideration. A good thing to do is to talk with a professional with plenty of office renovation experience as they can help us maximize the space we have. With them, we should be able to find a good solution that will greatly improve the way our office is organized. 

Attracting passing trade

Many retail businesses rely on passersby for their custom.  Having an eye-catching and engaging design for our business or offices could mean the difference between securing them as a customer or them walking by.

Many businesses, especially those that are retail based, delay their office renovations as they fear it will take too long and impact their trade. But, in reality, by working with a professional office renovation company the works can be undertaken out of hours when no one is in the office and is most convenient for us. 


We have outlined 5 benefits our company can expect to see from renovating our office.  Brainstorming ideas, speaking to employees and getting a professional and knowledgeable office fit-out company on board will ensure we are left with an efficient and well-designed office. To read more about condo interior design click here.